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Author Topic: The ISRA presents The Victory Junction Cup NASCAR Series  (Read 1467 times)

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The ISRA presents The Victory Junction Cup NASCAR Series
« on: February 22, 2011, 10:32:21 AM »
Coming to the ISRA in March.

What better way to celebrate our new sponsor than to have a NASCAR series with the Stock cars available in FM3.

The cars to choose from will be the Ford, Dodge, and Chevy stock cars. Build restrictions will be you must use the stock transmission (4 speed adjustable FD) and have the stock rims (to maintain an authentic look).

This will be a 5 week series with 1 race per night (3 ovals, 2 road courses).

Schedule: (All times are 9PM EST)
Feb 27 Tune & Test
March 6 Qualifications @ Benchmark Ring Speedway 3 laps
March 13 Week 1 50 laps @ Sedona Speedway
March 20 Week 2 25 laps @ Sebring Full Circuit
March 27 Week 3 50 laps @ Motegi Super Speedway
April 3 Week 4 25 laps @ Road America
April 10 Week 5 50 laps @ Sunset Peninsula Speedway

Qualifications will be run with limited damage and collisions off. You can have 2 official runs, to take the second run you must scratch your first run. If you take your second run it will be your official time regardless of if it is the faster of the two runs. Qualification runs will be 3 laps 1 warm up lap and 2 at speed laps. The brand of car you set your official qualifying time in will be the car you are required to run in the events.

Races will be run with limited damage due to the closeness of racing on the ovals. 1 pit stop is mandatory per race.

There will be prizes made available for this series donated by Victory Junction. More details will be forthcoming on these in the very near future from sylvacore.

Also in an effort to keep half the field from running the Black 3 or the rainbow 24, etc you must claim your livery and post at the ISRA site (with pic or just announce it). First come first serve.

To sign up and for all the details visit www.teamisra.com