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Author Topic: The ISRA's X-Cup XII 2008 Saleen S331 Supercab E275  (Read 727 times)

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The ISRA's X-Cup XII 2008 Saleen S331 Supercab E275
« on: May 08, 2010, 11:04:56 AM »
The ISRA's X-Cup is headed to uncharted territories by racing a truck!!  Goto www.teamisra.com for full details.

The Rules
In addition to the ISRA conduct rules the following will apply.
There are no specifications on the build or tune other than that it remain a RWD and that it be a PI of no higher than E275.
Lobby Assignment/Grid Order
Week 1 lobby assignments and grid order will be established by a qualifying time.  Every week thereafter the lobbies and grid order will be established by total series points.
Livery may not have any nudity or other objectionable material.  The ISRA logo must be on the car. The logo is available for 0 credits from the TEAMISRA Storefront.
Race Procedure
The lobbies will be set up with a lobby points grid order with a 1 lap race to set the lobby with the correct order for the first race of the evening.  Lobby hosts will be given the gamertags of their lobbies participants 1 day prior to each scheduled event.  The hosts will set up their lobby and send invites out to their participants (if you are not all ready on the TEAMISRA friend list, send a FR.  This account is used to find all the race participants by the hosts).  There will be a 5 minute grace period past the time of the last invite being sent out and the start of the race.  If you are going to be a few minutes longer contact your host and it will be up to the host as to whether to delay the start any longer.  Scoring will be done using the ISRA total time system, damage will be set to simulation, and collisions will be set to on.  All official races are slated to start at 9PM EST.  Pit stops will be mandatory for each race.

The Schedule
Tune & Test
Sun May 16 8PM EST
Sun May 23 8PM EST
Sebring International Raceway Club Circuit 6 laps (best lap will be your qualifying time, you are allowed 2 attempts but must wave your 1st time before attempting your second run. If you want to qualify but will not be able to make the specified night to run your time contact an ISRA official and schedule an alternate time.)
Week 1
Sun June 6 9 PM EST
Maple Valley Raceway Short Circuit Rev 20 laps
Camino Viejo de Montserrat Short Circuit 20 laps
Iberian International Raceway Short Circuit 20 laps
Week 2
Sun June 13 9 PM EST
Sunset Peninsula Raceway Club Circuit 20 laps
Circuit de Catalunya Grand Prix Circuit 15 laps
Week 3
Sun June 20 9PM EST
Twin Ring Motegi East Circuit 20 laps
LeMans Circuit de la Sarthe Buggati Circuit 15 laps
Week 4 Crown the Champ
Sun June 27 9PM EST
Ladera Test Track Full Circuit Rev 20 laps
Nurburgring Nordschliefe 4 laps